Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies

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Purchasing and selling cryptocurrency is similar to purchasing and selling regular stocks. You are exchanging your money or Bitcoin for something of worth. The amount you purchase is saved in your exchange account. You can sell your valuables or tokens once you've reached your target. As a result, you anticipate making a profit at a specific pace. To attain this purpose, a variety of tactics might be used. Let's take a look at a few of these tactics as a group. 


Utilizing Graphics (Technical Analysis) 

Take a look at the table below. The chart shows the OmiseGo coin's four-day trajectory against Bitcoin. If you look carefully at the route, you will see that it has a bumpy structure, not a linear one. 



When we expand the time range of the table to four months, we see the ups and downs continue as shown in the graphic below. 


We can conclude, based on the facts provided by mathematicians, that such spontaneous events can occur in any market. These brilliant minds dedicated their lives to the study of mathematics and devised algorithms that can anticipate when a market will bottom or peak. These tokens can be used on some trading platforms. 



The top indication in this complicated chart above displays the price of Bitcoin. The green ones represent a price increase, while the red ones represent a price decrease. The Bollinger Band is the blue emblem that surrounds the red and green indicators. If the candle that represents the price meets the top of the band, the market is "overbought," and the price will most likely fall; otherwise, the market is "oversold," and the price will most likely rise. 



The MACD is the indicator in the middle of the chart. The red and blue lines of this instrument, which serves as an indication, are shaped by market fluctuations. The blue line is at the top of both corners of the MACD indicator in the table. In this circumstance, it is projected that market prices will rise. 



The RSI is the indicator at the bottom of the chart. If this indicator's green line is bearish, it means the price will rise and now is the time to buy. 


If these three signs all signify the same thing at the same time, the forecasted market trend will be more accurate. More thorough information about these three basic indications that help us get a sense of the market can be found by searching Google for long-term analysis resources. 



MACD, RSI and Bollinger  


Daily Tranding 

It would not be inaccurate to say that users who apply this approach go beyond investing and begin trading stocks. The above-mentioned indicators and technical infrastructures are used by day traders. The timelines, on the other hand, are kept to a minimum. Because all positions are closed at the conclusion of the working day, this procedure is known as day trading. As a result, some stock market traders who have crypto money in their wallets have trouble sleeping. Who knows what might happen in the middle of the night? 


Users that try to profit from short-term swings are known as day traders. This method, which is based on cryptocurrency markets, gives its customers daily earnings ranging from 1% to 3%. 


Pump & Dump 


Market direction is manipulated by users who do not trade ethically. Individuals that have a shared goal band together to pump money into a value that will be increased in price. As a result, the price fluctuates upward, and other customers see this and invest in the market. For a brief period of time, the price continues to rise as a result of these developments. The same group that performed the pump action afterwards withdrew the money they had originally invested from the market, causing the price to plummet. It should be highlighted that this is unlawful and only achievable in markets with limited volume. However, with a $30,000 investment, you can affect the direction of several cryptocurrencies. 


WARNING: The material in this article is for educational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. Please keep in mind that trading cryptocurrencies has a high level of risk and is not recommended for inexperienced investors. Please read our terms and conditions to learn more about the dangers connected with cryptocurrency. 

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