What is Evronex

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Welcome to Evronex

Today we are going to cover what Evronex is...

Evronex is one of the most used trading bots on the market wich designed to trade with Low risk and most profit.

Let's talk about features of Evronex and how can it help you. Evronex will work’s without stop it means you can make profit even while you are sleeping.

One of the cool features Evronex has you can trade with 9 common strategies or make your strategy trade as way as you want. And you don’t have to trade with real funds you can switch to simulated trading mode to trade with simulated funds which helps a lot to select a strategy that fits you best or use Backtesting to test strategy with old data of coins to see the profit percentage of strategy and manage assets.

Evronex can deal with many exchanges you can choose which you trust like Binance, Gatio, Okex, FTX and much more.

Evronex has many interfaces you can use like web, Reddit, Twitter, and Telegram. for example, in web interface to check Evronex status or moves, interact and configure and In reddit interface to monitor Reddit posts from subreddits given.

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